A Mother's Blessing | Greenville Birth Photography

What is a Mother’s Blessing (also known as a Blessingway)?

“A Blessingway is sacred pre-birth ceremony that has traditionally been performed by Navajo people, and celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.” (As defined by Birth Without Fear. Click here for more information on planning a Blessingway.)

Since learning of Mother’s Blessings, I have attended and documented a few. The love that filled each space was astounding. I even attended one that was thrown by a complete stranger for another mother struggling and need the extra hands to lift her up and remind her how amazing she was.

Each Mother’s Blessing had its unique events, but all in all, they had the same general feel and goal. To empower the mother. To praise the magical journey to motherhood. We often forget the one carrying the child, celebrating the new little ones new life. The mother is being born too. No matter how many children she may have or have carried. Each birth, she is being born again too. These Mother’s Blessings celebrate them. They celebrate you. Celebrate the one who is bringing these little ones earthside.

My very first Mother’s Blessing was on May 20th. Nikki. I met this beautiful mother when I first took a dive into photography as a career. She entrusted me to do a Mommy & Me session with her and her son. We all fell in love with each other. She trusted me many times, and this was one of those times. It was so special.

We gathered around sweet Nikki to pamper and prepare her for her birthing time. Together we put together a beautiful necklace to help encourage Nikki as she labored and birthed her daughter in the near future. It contained a bead from each of us that reminded us of her.

Her best friend, and biggest advocate, Lauran cooked an amazing meal for us all to eat while we share stories of our birth experiences, offered words of advice, and encouraged Nikki that she was made to birth her baby.

After our meal, we proceeded to Lauran’s back porch, under the setting sun, to continue pampering Nikki. Adorned with her floral crown, Nikki soaked her feet and had henna done on her belly. A lotus flower.

Once her henna was finished, she was given gifts and tied a string on each of our wrists, to be cut, only after a favor is preformed for Nikki after the birth of her baby.

My second Mother’s Blessing was in January of 2018. The mama who threw Nikki her Mother’s Blessing was expecting and Nikki wanted to shower her with love as well. One thing I failed to mention before is that Nikki and Lauran both are amazing chefs. So once again, we had a delicious meal prepared. After dinner and some quick photos we proceeded with Lauran’s footbath, henna and bead ceremony. There were many laughs and tears shared at this beautiful Mother’s Blessing!

The last Mother’s Blessing I attended was in April of 2018. A mother I had never met in person before (she is a photographer I follow and have always loved her work) was struggling with her birth plan. She was in need of a tribe of women to lift her up and remind her she was made for this. A local doula and mother decided to put together a Blessing for her in hopes of lifting her. We all met at a park, brought a snack and chatted about our births. We each left her a bead to create her own piece of birthing jewelry.

Each Mother’s Blessing was an honor to document and be a part of. It is a sincere hope of mine that each person reading this (and everyone else that’s not reading this too) have a tribe of friends you can lean on. Support is everything.