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I debated back and forth the past few days on if I wanted to be vague about what has been going on, or to be vulnerable and open. So as scary as it is, I have decide to be honest with you. 

All my life I thought I knew who I was and what I wanted to be, or so I thought, and built all my dreams and expectations around that. I was never prepared for the fact that even at 30+ years old, I would still growing. Maybe not physically anymore, but mentally and spiritually. It has taken me these past 5 years to see that I wasn’t done becoming who I am suppose to be, and the fact that I thought I had a plan was a joke. 

Five years ago I married the man of my dreams. The man I had dreamt about all my life and knew I’d build a beautiful family with. I was so happy and felt so incredibly blessed that I, Ashlie Foster, was going to get the life I wanted so badly. We always knew we wanted kids and joked about having a honeymoon baby because we were so ready for that next phase in our life. And we did indeed create that honeymoon baby. I found out I was pregnant less than a month after our wedding day. We were so excited. We started the typical preparations for a new baby; crib, clothes, diapers, the works. All the stuff YOU KNOW you need. But we didn’t spend any time preparing ourselves for the changes that would be happening outside of just fitting a new person into our lives. Not only did we not prepare mentally for the birth of our spunky little girl, we also weren’t prepared for the loss of the wonderful woman who carried, birthed and raised that amazing man I married. With the first year of our marriage being so insanely different than the life we had experienced so far, and thought we would be living after our beautiful wedding day, we faced a lot of unseen and (at the time) un-welcomed growth.

All of these major life events started a change in both myself and my husband. Changes that we didn’t see, or at least didn’t acknowledge, until recently. Now I’m not here to tell you my whole life story, but all of this has a purpose. That is, that no matter how much you plan, dream, and try to force your life to be a certain way, it likely isn’t going to be exactly like you pictured. And that is absolutely ok. Sometimes the picture turns out way more beautiful than you could have ever dreamed, and sometimes it can be messy, chaotic and scary. Either way, I am here to say that the light and the darkness on your path all have valuable lessons. They are all a part of your story and growth. Your path to becoming your authentic self, if you can teach yourself to see those lessons.

My path has been a windy one, and so has my husbands. And at this point in our relationship, we have realized just how far apart our paths have taken us. We’ve fought hard to ignore the changes and have tried so hard to not let our paths get so far apart, but the reality is: this is how we are suppose to be growing and staying true to ourselves. We aren’t giving up, but at this current time we have decided to separate our lives temporarily to try to mend what we have. We have high hopes that we can put our marriage back together, but in the end at least having our friendship is very important to us. 

With this being said, I have decided that I have to take my photography in a different direction. While birth has been my specialty the past three years, and I have worked so hard to build this business, I am sadly going to have to stop taking birth clients. This breaks my heart, but I have spent this past week making my peace with the decision. I am trusting the process and that I will be led back to it when the timing in my life permits. And that even though this change is scary, there is something bigger planned for me.

Mothers are still a huge passion of mine, so I have changed over my maternity and fresh 48 sessions to Mother Centered Sessions. With this slight change, I have also added a few new exciting offerings. Family Documentary, A Day in the Life (Minis and Full), and Adventure/Travel sessions. (You can following each link to learn a little more about each new offering.) With this change, my current business name no longer fit, so after much thought I have decided to take my name in another direction and really lean more into the brand I want to represent. This is a hard decision, seeing as I have changed names so many times. But I have the belief that every big change I have made along this journey has served it’s purpose on leading me to provide more authentic work.

So I introduce to you:

The Mother & The Moon: Authentic Storytelling

I have made all the necessary changes to my site to portray my new offerings. Please take a moment to get to know all of my new exciting packages I offer, and feel free to message me with any questions or comments. I am so excited, and scared, for this next big step in my life. Thank you to all of you that have stayed by my side and continue to trust me to capture your life stories. It is an absolute honor to spend my days doing what I love.

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