Greenville Birth Photography - Worth the investment?

Birth photography isn’t a new thing anymore. More and more mama’s are doing it and more and more are learning about it everyday. It is really an awesome thing to watch and to be a part of.

Every day new photographers are becoming interested, and seasoned photographers are deciding to give it a try. And with each of those grows a larger passion and/or understanding for birth. Some decide it isn’t for them. (And thats ok!) Those photographers leave with an experience like no other. A new respect for birth and for birth work. And some find themselves. Their heart skips a beat the moment they enter the room. And they finally discover what they were put here to do.


I am one of the second people.

I cannot put into words the love I have for documenting birth. The first birth I was invited to document, was scary, but I knew from the moment I started taking photos that I had found my place. For three years now, I have not doubted that I belong in birth photography. For three years I have worked hard to turn my passion into a livelihood. To prove to my children that it is absolutely possibly to make a living doing what you are passionate about.

Which leads me to the elephant in the room…..the investment.

I’m not only talking about your monetary investment, but my investment as well.

Birth photographers are dedicated to you. Unlike your typical fresh 48 sessions, or newborn sessions, birth photography is an event that is very rarely scheduled.


So we hold space for you.

We are on-call 24/7 to be with you from 37/38 weeks on. We are ready to leave any event. Wake up in the middle of the night. Stay with you for hours and hours. At. Any. Moment.

Why do we charge what we charge? Because we owe it to our families. We love what we do. And the majority of us would be there for you at no cost if feasible. But in reality, we have to make a living off of our services. Our families have to be taken care of while we are gone.

Many times, like many birth photographers, I get messages inquiring about my services. A service that the newly expecting mamas obviously desire and deserve. But when numbers are mentioned, I am left with no reply. Or a quick apology that they have wasted my time.

You have not wasted my time.

You deserve for your story to be documented.

Price does not have to keep you from having this service.

Many birth photographers (and other birth workers) are HAPPY to make their service work for you. Payment plans & gift registries are two are the most common options.


Payment Options

$600+ for a doula, photographer, etc can be a lot of money at one time. And that is absolutely understandable. Splitting that into smaller, feasible, payments can make a birth service easily obtainable. We are passionate about what we do, so we want to make it work for you. Documenting birth stories is what I love. I am extremely flexible and will do whatever I can to make my service available to you. Payment plans can be used on ANY one or combination of my sessions.

Gift Registry

Sometimes getting 50 white Gerber onsies isn’t exactly what you want or need for your new addition. And since the socks never really want to stay on their tiny cute feet, what is the point of having a drawer full? Instead of having Grandma and Grandpa help purchase that gorgeous $500 crib, that usually ends up being a huge laundry basket, ask them to contribute to documenting their grandchild’s birth-day! Having the photos/video will allow them to be there every step of the way, once everything has settled. All that is required of you is a small deposit, to share your private registry link with family and friends, and have your photography paid for without any added stress!

So is it worth the investment?

Well. That is truly up to you. To some of you this day will be something you will pay anything to relive again and again. And I would love to make that happen for you. And to some, you would rather keep the actual story to yourselves, and that is ok too. A great option for you would be a Golden Hour session or a First Day session.

Either way, you deserve these moments to be captured.

Don’t let the financial aspect be what holds you back.

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