My name is Ashlie, and I am stoked to connect with you and your story!

My photography journey has been a crazy one, and it has taken me years of jumping back and forth between specialties and styles to finally find what was always missing from my work:

my authentic voice,

And real, true, raw, exhilarating connections.

So here I am, just trying to be real and true to myself for the first time in my life and let me tell you, while moments are scary as shit, I’ve never felt more confident and in love with myself before.

I have two wild-spirited, feisty, toddlers who are always keeping me on my toes. A 4 year old daughter, Ruby-Ann, who is so full of sass it’s ridiculous. Her personality is dominant and has been since she came out of my womb. You can ask any of her friends. And a 2 year old son, Walley. He has had my postpartum anxiety to the roof some days. But like any boy mom will tell you, there is nothing like a mother and son bond. I am so blessed to get to experience these two, completely different, personalities. And to hear them call me mama (even after the 1000th time) every day.

A quick little bit about me, outside of photography. Some of my favorite things are music (I tend to be pretty eclectic and listen to about anything. Ska/Reggae is my #1 favorite genre), being outside in nature, naps with my babies, long drives to nowhere in the mountains, warm blankets, sweaters (I own more than I’d like to admit), hiking, playing hide and seek with the kids, my camping hammock, gravel roads, dreaming, the colors of fall, going on adventures, pot roast, anything birthday cake flavored, brightly colored hair, tattoos and anything watercolor.

So why me? What do we have in common? That’s for you to decide. I’d love to see if we would be a good match. Let’s get together for ice cream, coffee or tea. Talk more about your plans and your vision.